June 6, 2020

Deep River Democrats and Republicans Pick Town Committees for 2012-2014

DEEP RIVER— Town Democrats and Republicans selected town committees for 2012-2014 at party caucuses held over the past week.

Democrats selected a 25-member town committee that includes seven new members, including Stella Beaudoin, who waged an unsuccessful primary challenge in 2009 to the town committee endorsed candidate for town clerk, Nancy Talbot. The open town clerk seat was won that year by Republican Amy Winchell, who was unopposed for a second term in the town election last November.

The Deep River Democratic Town committee for 2012-2014 includes incumbents John Bairos, Leigh Balducci, former Speaker of the House Richard Balducci, Carmela Balducci, Tax Collector Lisa Bibbiani, former Selectman Richard Daniels Jr., Bruce Edgarton, Nancy Fischbach, Joanne Grabek, George Howard, Ann Joy, Jonathan Kastner, former Selectman Russell Marth, Mary Maraschiello, newly elected Selectman Angus McDonald Jr., Valerie Nucci, Mark Reyher, and First Selectman Richard Smith. Balducci had represented Newington when her served as speaker of the house from 1989 to 1993.

New members include Beaudoin, Cindy Cosme, Dorothy DeMichael, Carol Jones. Alan Miezejeski, Roy Monte, and Carol Smith. Members leaving the town committee include Sarah Adams, Mary Jane Daniels, John Dickson Jr., former Town Clerk Jeanne Nickse, Alice Proctor, Jean Ressler, Donald Sampson, Patricia Strange, David Talbot, Nancy Talbot, and former Selectman Arthur Thompson, who is currently serving as Democratic town chairman.

Town Republicans, who have not nominated a candidate for first selectman since 2005, selected a 17 member town committee that includes one new member. The Deep River Republican Town committee for 2012-2014 includes incumbents Gregory Alexander, Mary Brownlee, Louise Cowen, Douglas Dopp, Robert Edgeworth, Margot Gamerdinger, William Harris, Alice Johnson, Town Treasurer Thomas Lindner, Selectman David Oliveria, Rolf Peterson, Donald Routh, Grace Stalsburg, Cynthia Stannard, Rosemary Unan, Winchell, and new member Joyce Winterstein. Departing from the committee that served from 2010-2012 are Janice Kmetz, Joyce Metz, Cleon Springer,and John Townsend.

The new town committees are seated in March, when the panels will elect officers for 2012-2014.