June 6, 2020

Deep River Grand List up 0.73% From 2010 Total

DEEP RIVER— The increase is small, but it’s a lot better than last year. That was the feeling at town hall Tuesday as Assessor Robin Loughlin filed an Oct0ber 2011 grand list of taxable property that totals $482.25 million.

The net grand list total of $482,257,864 is up by $3,522,462, or 0.73 percent, from a 2010 total of $478,735,422. The increase would generate about $86,000 in new tax revenue at the current tax rate of 24.28 mills.

It was 2010 when a required revaluation update conducted during an ongoing economic recession and a down real estate market brought a drop in the grand list of $39.6 million, or about 8 percent from the 2009 total. There were decreases in all three categories, real estate, personal property and motor vehicles that resulted in a loss of about $816,000 in tax revenue.

The totals were better in 2011, with increases in for each of the categories. The town’s 2,182 real estate accounts show an assessment total of $434,769,290, an increase of $1,008,580 from 2010. The town’s 419 personal property accounts show an assessment total of $14,239,694, up by $448,622 from 2010. The town’s 4,830 motor vehicle accounts show an assessment total of $33,248,900, up by $2,065,260 from 2010.

Loughlin said there were few new homes constructed, and no major commercial or industrial projects, completed last year. She said home renovations and additions account for most of the jump in the real estate total, while purchases of new vehicles accounted for the increase in the motor vehicles totals.

First Selectman Richard Smith said he was pleased to see an increase that would generate some new tax revenue. “In this kind of an economy any increase is good,” Smith said, adding “every little bit helps.”

The list of the town’s top ten taxpayers remained unchanged from 2010. The top ten taxpayers with the 2011 assessment totals are Connecticut Light & Power Co. 5,047,273, BDRM Inc. (Brewer’s Deep River Marina) $4,298,969, Mislick Family Limited Partnership $3,137,190, Silgan Plastics Corp. $2,997,506, and Deep River Associates LLC $2,605,680.

Also Thomas Boyd & K. Dernocoeur $2,430,610, 180 Main Street Partners LLC $2,277,450, Jerome and Marlene Scharr $1,923,180, Virginia Linburg $1,881,950, and Alberto & Raffaella Cribiore 41823,430.  Dernocoeur, Scharr, Linberg, and Cribiore are all high value residential properties located on or near the Connecticut river.