June 6, 2020

Dina Varano Unveils New Jewelry Collection and Inspirational Watercolors

A brushed sterling silver pendant with pink sapphires and rubies from Dina Varano's Amore Collection, featuring the watercolor that inspired her design. Photo by Dina Varano.

To help you find that special something for your special someone on Valentine’s Day, this February, Dina Varano will unveil her new Amore collection, sure to capture the hearts of many.  This special collection will feature a complimentary autographed watercolor card by Dina, which demonstrates her inspiration behind the collection.  Visit the Dina Varano Gallery in Chester from Friday, February 10, through Sunday, February 12, to be among the first to select from her beautiful jewelry and to receive your personally autographed watercolor by Dina.  Shop the collection through Valentine’s Day, February 14.

A visit to Dina’s working studio features a floor to ceiling wall of drawings and sketches that are the beginning stages of the inspirations behind each one of Dina’s jewelry designs.  “People have always commented to me how they enjoy seeing the inspiration behind each piece of jewelry.” said Dina.  So this winter, Dina decided she would create watercolors on handmade paper to illustrate her vision behind the limited edition, one-of-a-kind, Amore collection.  The autographed watercolors will depict Dina’s creative thought process.  “I am always looking for ways to show the process and demonstrate the meaning of my study and exploration behind each piece, and I hope these watercolor gifts will help depict the essence of what I’ve captured in metal.”  said Dina.

Inspired by nature, Dina Varano’s work has great sculptural integrity. Succeeding as a self-contained object of art, each piece is the full expression of her intuitive process.  Her jewelry comes to life in a new way when worn, carefully articulated to create a harmonious balance with the body it adorns.  Her artist’s hand is deliberate, creating a rhythm of grace and movement. Dina’s jewelry captures the essence and gesture of nature. A graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, Dina spent many years studying in Rome.  She continues to be passionate about travel and escapes to summer programs to further her artistic enlightenment and curious spirit.

Dina enjoys collaborating with other local artisans, and this year, she will be helping customers indulge their Valentine sweet tooth.  With every purchase of Dina Varano jewelry, customers will receive two handmade specialty chocolates from River Chocolates in Essex.

Dina Varano is not only a boutique, but also an artist who searches the world to gather a collection she has curated and wants to share in her inspiring shop in Chester, Connecticut.  The spirited shop features her own jewelry designs, accompanied by a collection of innovative gifts designed by fellow artists, as well as finely crafted artware for the home and for the soul, including gorgeous accessories.

Dina Varano is located in the artistic village of Chester, Connecticut at 27 Main Street.  To learn more and to read Dina’s blog, visit her website at www.dinavarano.com or find her on Facebook.