June 6, 2020

Winter 2012 Zumba Program!

Essex Park and Recreation are offering a new Zumba Aerobics program beginning on January 23 with instructor Colette Mercier. Colette is a fantastic instructor and the auxiliary gym at the middle school is a great program space …

Zumba Aerobics

Zumba! A Latin inspired aerobic dance class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance. Zumba is exercise in disguise that is fun, different, easy and effective. This popular workout will provide full body toning while having a lot of fun. You do not have to know how to dance to take a Zumba class. We create a non-competitive party atmosphere where students can interpret the dance rhythms in their own way.

Ages                16 & up

Dates               Jan 23-Mar 19 (skip Feb 20)

Day                  Mon

Time                6-7pm

Fee                  $90 (8 week session)

Location          John Winthrop Middle School Auxiliary Gym

Class Size       Min 8 / Max 24

Instructor        Colette Mercier