July 4, 2022

“A Star to Sail Her By” – Book Signing at The Essex Corinthian Yacht Club

The Essex Corinthian Yacht Club is pleased to host a book talk and signing by Alex Ellison, author of “A Star to Sail Her By” on Sunday, March 4,  3 p.m. at the Corinthian, 9 Novelty Lane, Essex.If you don’t think it’s possible for you and your family to live peacefully together in your home, imagine if you had to live peacefully together on a boat…for five years!

When Alex Ellison was 8, he set off from Essex with his parents and his sister, Lara, for a one-year trip on their sailboat. One year became five years, spent on the Caribbean island of Nevis and other remote locations throughout the Caribbean and Pacific. Alex and his family shared adventures as well as challenges — everything from tropical navigation to dangerous waters to tropical storms.

Alex, now 17, and a student at Phillips Exeter Academy, kept a daily journal through all of it and turned that into a rousing memoir entitled “A Star to Sail Her By: A Five-Year Odyssey of Coming of Age at Sea.” According to Meredith Laitos, Editor of Sail Magazine, “In and of itself, this memoir of a 25,000 nautical mile voyage is informative, entertaining and eye-opening. That a high school student wrote it is astounding.”The event and book sales will be a benefit supporting the Valley Regional High School Sailing Team.  Suggested donations are $10.For further information, please contact Elaine Kyle, Manager, Essex Corinthian Yacht Club at 860-767-3239.