July 5, 2022

$4.22 Million Budget Proposed for Chester Elementary School in 2012-2013

CHESTER— The Chester Board of Education has approved a $4,225,900 education budget for 2012-2013, sending the spending plan to the board of finance for further review and inclusion in the total town spending package that goes to the voters for approval in May.

The proposed budget, which funds the operations of Chester Elementary School, represents an increase of $61,831, or 1.48 percent, over current funding for the school. Enrollment at the kindergarten through sixth grade school is projected at 256 students in 2012-2013, down by about three students from current enrollment.

The budget includes $38,000 in new spending to fund two special education para-educator positions that are currently funded by outside grants.

There is also $11,600 in new spending for improvements at the school, including $5,600 for new fencing along the school driveway near a playground area, and $2,300 for repairs to the Project Adventure course on the school grounds. The budget also includes funding for full day kindergarten at the school, an initiative that is not expected to require any significant new spending.

The elementary school budget and a proposed town government budget for 2012-2013 will be presented at the annual budget hearing on Tuesday May 1 at the Chester Meeting House on Liberty Street. A total proposed spending levy for 2012-2013 will be presented to voters for approval at the annual budget meeting later in May.

The total spending package will include the Chester share of a proposed $17.56 million Region 4 education budget that goes to the voters of Chester, Deep River, and Essex for approval in a May 8 referendum. The $4.7 million Chester share of the Region 4 budget is down by $21,465 from the current Chester share because of fewer students from Chester attending Valley Regional High School and John Winthrop Middle School.