July 5, 2022

Letter: Environmental Extremists Continue to Run Roughshod over Constitutional Rights

To the Editor:

It looks as if the land grabbing, money grubbing bullies at the Environmental Protection Agency have finally been slapped-down hard. Can you imagine what the couple from Idaho, trying to build a home on their property for the past five years, have been subjected to by this out of control agency?

The Supreme Court in a nine to zero decision has now enabled the couple to challenge the EPA after years of unjust harassment and the threat of enormous fines. How many bad decisions and trampling of citizens Constitutional Rights will the EPA generate before it is systematically overhauled and the perpetrators of menace are thrown out on the street?

Speaking of bad decisions and the trampling of citizens rights, the Connecticut Department of Environment and Energy Protection (DEEP), as well as the Environmental Committee at the State Legislature are pursuing laws that threaten our Constitutional Rights.

Our State Representative, Phil Miller, who is vice chair of the Environmental Committee, announced to The New Haven Register (23 March)  that the “Rising of the Seas Bill” was brought to committee and passed late Friday evening. It was supported by the DEEP. Predictably, there was no notification through the Bill tracking system.

Mr. Miller revealed in the article that “Rising of the Seas Bill,” formerly referred to as the “Strategic Retreat Bill,” was tweaked to “avoid potentially objectionable language.” In the next breath, Miller mentions “relocation assistance” and “voluntary buyouts.” Nice try. Changing the language does not change the fact that this Bill did and still does threaten property rights.

“Rising sea levels,” “Ocean Climate Change,” and “Strategic Retreat” are now part of environmental extremist’s vernacular.  This scare campaign, based on severely flawed global warming models, is the latest hoax perpetrated by the foot soldiers of the Socialist agenda that was hatched at the Brundtland Commission in 1987. The end game is to destroy Freedoms through confiscation of private property and the empowerment of the UN as a “Global Government.”

The UN, recognizing that local governments (agenda 21) are agents of change, is at present redrafting an Environmental Constitution. This “covenant,” as they call it, will give the UN authority over the entire globe. This is being enforced despite the fact that they know the science is seriously flawed.

Environmental extremists continue to run roughshod over the Constitutional Rights of American citizens.  Gird your loins folks; the land grab is full speed ahead in Connecticut.


Alison Nichols,
Essex CT