July 5, 2022

Letters: What does it mean to be an American?

To The Editor,

The first word that comes to my mind when I think about what it means to be an American is Freedom. Yet, each day our freedoms are being challenged and chewed away by zealous environmentalists.  These radical activists are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They have disarmed us with what appeared in the past to be benign changes in our way of life, e.g., anti-pollution rectification.

Moderate changes have deftly opened the door to radical agendas.  “Global warming, “discounted by so many of the very same scientists who originally backed the green hysteria, is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the human community.

Behind the radical hoax of “Global warming” is the effort to achieve “Global Government” with overreaching regulations.  The plan, well on its way, is to control property rights through obfuscation, prevarication, regulation and confiscation.

On the local level, these zealots are hard at work to impinge on our property rights. Consider Bill HB5128 that is currently being discussed on the legislative floor. This bill originated in the Environmental Committee at the State Legislature. And the changes outlined in the hearing represent, at best, bureaucratic overreach.

It is time for our Senator from the 33rd district, Eileen Daily, and our Representative from the36th district, Phil Miller, who is the vice-chair of the environmental committee, to get naked on this bill. They owe it to their constituents to let us know how they plan to vote on Bill HB5128 that brings into question one or more Constitutional issues.

And for those of us who value our freedoms, we can both keep up the mirth and watch our freedoms disintegrate one, by one, by one.  Or, we can confront the wizards of Hartford aggressively and relentlessly reminding them that they work for The People-not the other way around.


Alison Nichols,
Essex, CT