July 5, 2022

Local Student Composer’s Work to be Premiered

Kim Nucci, of Deep River, CT, will have one of her orchestral compositions premiered by the Sage City Symphony.  Nucci, a student at Bennington College in Bennington, VT, has written a work entitled “Decline and Resolution,” which will be performed on a concert at Bennington College, on Sunday, March 18, at 4:00 p.m.

Nucci is a multi-media artist currently studying at Bennington College.  There she studies painting, photography and saxophone performance, as well as music composition.  Her teachers in music have included Allen Shawn, Nick Brooke, Bruce Williamson, Su Lian Tan, Daniel Ott, and Jason Rigby.  In both painting and music Nucci tends to work largely in textures dealing with atonal concepts of musical form and grouping.  In music this palette is comprised of melodic counterpoint and harmonic language derived from her experience playing jazz and free music.

“Decline and Resolution” is her first piece for orchestra as well as her first political work in music.  It is a continuation of a project in painting on the erosion of The American Dream and Western Culture at large.  While following the news intently, seeing war and financial scandals and their resulting riots and protests worldwide, Nucci became increasingly motivated to say something about the geopolitical climate.  “Decline and Resolution” is an expression of the current economic collapse and the fall of Western society as it is presently known.  This movement is characterized in the piece as the churning and spiraling and its ultimate “resolution” as the last hiccup of the machine. The orchestra, unable to carry out a grandiose cadential texture like those in works of the past is similar to that of the economic struggle in the EU and those countries no longer being able to provide the previous amenities their citizens had come to expect when faced with austerity measures imposed by the European community at large.