October 6, 2022

Letters: Thank You For Helping Me Get My Dog Back!

To the editor:

I’d like to express my most sincere thanks to the many people that stopped their cars on Grove Street on Saturday afternoon and patiently waited and tried to help me to get my dog, Couper, back.

Mostly I’d like to thank the incredibly generous and brave man in the blue pickup truck with the two dogs with their heads stuck out the windows, capturing Couper’s attention when I certainly was unable to.  In the midst of Couper running from car to car barking, this man calmly got out of his truck, held his hand out to my frantic dog and said gently “do you want a cookie?”  Couper finally stopped barking and looked at the man holding the dog treat – then the man said; “if you want this cookie, you have to sit”  and Couper sat – the man walked over to me, handed me the cookie and quietly said, “works every time”.

Kind sir, we are ever grateful to you.

Susan Malan and Couper
Essex, CT