October 6, 2022

Romney Carries Three Towns in Extremely Low Turnout Presidential Primary

AREAWIDE— Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney carried Chester, Deep River, and Essex in a Republican Presidential Primary that generated extremely low voter turnout after the GOP nominating contest was settled two weeks ago.

What began as a competitive nomination contest wound down earlier this month after Romney won the Wisconsin primary and former Pa. Senator Rick Santorum suspended his campaign on April 10. The date of the Connecticut primary had been changed from a February date in 2008 as the state teamed with Delaware, New York, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania in an effort to establish a northeast regional primary. Romney, who won statewide Tuesday with about 67 percent of the vote.

In Chester, Romney had 45 votes, with seven votes for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, four votes for Texas Congressman Ron Paul, six votes for Santorum, and three uncommitted votes. A total of 65 Chester Republicans turned out during the 14 hours of balloting.

A total of 91 Republicans turned out in Deep River. Romney had 55 votes, with 13 votes for Newt Gingrich, 14 votes for Ron Paul, seven votes for Rick Santorum, and two uncommitted votes.

The turnout was slightly higher in Essex, where Republican registration is higher than in Chester or Deep River. There were 315 ballots cast Tuesday. Romney had 244 votes, with 22 votes for Gingrich, 28 votes for Paul, 14 votes for Santorum, and seven uncommitted votes.