September 27, 2022

The Essex Boat Show Is Underway, Power and Sail are on Display

The main dock of the show, off Novelty Lane in Essex

“Calling all hands.” Come visit the Essex Boat Show, which is being held on Novelty Lane in Essex from Friday, April 27, to Sunday, April 29, open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The first day of the show, April 27, was a wash out. The wind was blowing at 40 miles an hour, and attendance was light. However, the show’s second day, Saturday, after a cold start turned out to be bright and sunny.

Essex Boat Show is promoted on Main Street

Generally speaking, the larger vessels, both power and sail, were on display. Among the power boats, large Nordic Tugs were very much in evidence, as were the Hatteras and Grand Banks brands.  Sailboats too were in 40 to 50 feet long category. In fact, it might have been more appropriate to call the show, the “Essex Big Boat Show.”

A Nordic Tug 28' at the show

Four Essex yacht brokers are sponsoring the Essex Boat Show. They are: 1) Boatworks Yacht Sales, 2) Eastland Yachts, 3) Prestige Yachts and 4) Hank Aldrich Yacht Sales.

As with all boat shows there was more looking around and asking questions, then there was actually purchasing boats. However, in at least one instance, Leslie Guarrier of Boat Works Yacht Sales appeared to have found an interested buyer. He said to her loud and clear, “I might want to buy a boat.”

Yacht Broker Leslie Guarrier closing the deal

Also, hovering nearby was Debbie Soudan of Sterling Associates of Old Saybrook. She was ready to provide financing to buy a boat. “You can borrow money for under 5% these days,” she said.

Sailboat seller Jim Eastland of Eastland Yachts