May 24, 2022

TTYS Distribute Post Cards on Social Norming

Tri-Town Youth Services has recently mailed postcards to all box holders of Chester, Deep River and Essex.  The post cards were created through the Social Norming Committee, and bear the message that “86% of Region 4 Parents Ask Where Their Kids are Going and With Whom.”  The mailer side of the cards contains important information for parents and teens on underage drinking and encourages keeping “our kids safe, alcohol- and other drug-free through prom, graduation, and beyond.

Members of the Social Norming Committee, Jessica Ramage, Mackenzie Holdmeyer, David FitzGibbons, Cate Bourke, and Gail Onofrio, were intentional in having the post cards mailed just prior to the prom season.  Social norming is a manner of presenting information in a way that is similar to positive reinforcement.  Most parents do an admirable job in monitoring their teens, but may not realize they are such a majority.  The statistic used on the post card was gleaned from the most recent administration of the Search Institute survey, Profiles of Student Life: Attitudes and Behaviors.

The Social Norming Committee is one of several committees that comprise the Tri-Town Substance Abuse Prevention Council.  The Council is in its second year of a Drug Free Communities grant.  Funding is provided through an ONDCP and SAMHSA partnership.