May 24, 2022

Deep River Town Meeting Approves Three-Year Tax Abatement for PCI Medical Inc.

DEEP RIVER—¬†Voters at a town meeting Tuesday approved a three-year tax abatement for PCI Medical Inc. covering the recently completed renovations and¬†improvements at the company’s new facility at 6 Winter Avenue.
The abatement, which waives 50 percent of the annual property tax for the 2012, 2013, and 2014 tax years, was approved on a unanimous voice vote by the handful of residents that turned out for the town meeting. The company, which started in the town’s Plattwood Park Industrial Area in the 1990’s but briefly relocated to Chester due to space constraints, recently opened for business in a vacant industrial building at 6 Winter Avenue on the north side of town. The cost of the renovations and improvements at the new facility totaled about $700,000.
First Selectman Richard Smith said the revenue waived under the abatement would total about $7,500 per year, or $22,500 over the three years.
But Smith noted the town would be receiving immediate tax benefits from the new personal property, such as computers and equipment, in use at the PCI Medical facility. The abatement covers only the renovations and other physical improvements to the building. Smith said the town has used the tax abatement option, allowed under state law to encourage new business investment and development, three times previously over the past 20 years.
Voters at the town meeting also confirmed the appointments of Sara Denegre and Ben Whelen as alternate members of the planning and zoning commission. Denegre’s term runs through December 2013, Whelen’s through December 2014. Smith also announced there is a new full member opening on the commission with the recent resignation of Nancy Fischbach, who had been serving as vice-chairman of the panel.