September 26, 2022

Valley Regional High School Graduates 149 Students in the Class of 2012

DEEP RIVER— Valley Regional High School awarded diplomas to 149 members of the Class of 2012 Thursday in a ceremony held in sunny and hot weather on the high school grounds.

A crowd of several hundred family and friends of the graduates filled the area along the hilltop on the southeast side of the school property to cheer the graduates from Regional School District 4 towns of Chester, Deep River, and Essex. The weather was hot, approaching 90 degrees, and the school provided free cold water to the audience from a tent on the grounds.

Principal Kristina Martineau, completing her first full year as the school’s leader, welcomed the crowd. Martineau noted the Class of 2012 was special to her because they began their high school years in 2008, the year she arrived at VRHS as associate principal. “Your commitment to personal excellence, your perseverance, your resilience in the face of change and adversity, and your steadfast commitment to community sets you apart,” she said.

Superintendent of Schools Ruth Levy told the graduates they should be proud of the recognition they have received in academics, sports and the arts, with an extra focus on the awards for the school’s spring musical production of “The Titanic.” The VRHS musical was recently named Outstanding Musical Production of 2012 in the Connecticut Musical Theatre Awards.

“It is highly unusual for every person who expresses an interest in the musical to actually be a part of the production, and yet that is exactly what we do at Valley,” Levy said, adding the VRHS production had competed and succeeded against much larger high schools that included schools that focused on the performing arts. Using another Titanic metaphor, Levy told the graduates “Your lifeboat in your family, your friends, your Alma Mater, your roots, and your home in Chester, Deep River, Essex, and the Region 4 community.”

Salutatorian Nathan VanBenschoten of Essex said VRHS is not defined by the building, which was renovated and upgraded in 2004-2005, but the people that make the school special. ” The faculty and students who walk Valley’s halls everyday create an incredible place to learn, to socialize, and to grow,” he said, adding “we will always be a part of Valley, just as Valley will always be a part of us.”

Valedictorian Jonah Fidel of Essex said perseverance is a quality long associated with Valley Regional High School. Fidel recalled events of the past four years, both local and national, that were experienced by the graduates, noting “what other class can say they have experienced six associate principals and principals, the most significant economic crisis since the Great Depression, and a hurricane that delayed school for a week when we were oh so anxious to return.” Fidel urged his classmates to stay true to their principals of “resilience,, perseverance, and determination.”Valley Regional High School will graduate 150 students in the Class of 2012

The list of graduating students is as follows:

Kevin Scott Alvord
Laura Elizabeth Anderson
Haley Marie Armstead
Clayton Edwards Arnold
Karli Sandra Bahner
Kevin Bango
Molly Elizabeth Bannister
Allegra Louise Bargnesi
Diana Barnett
Ian David Basilone
Carley Elizabeth Bedell
Benjamin Gerard Belisle
Taylor Paige Bibbiani
Emily Lynn Bogart
Leah Marie Boschetti
Alexander R. Bourez
Max Bowers
Ashleigh Sloane Bridges
Michaela B. Brough
Jocelyn Brea Burgess
Paul Joseph Calamari
Matthew Camilleri
Nicholas William Bartlett Campbell
Anna Marie White Carlson
Christopher Stephen Carney III
Katie Castelli
Jacob Paul Cayer
Victoria Noel Chiappa
Chelsea Ann Cook
Brigit Rose Crosbie
Gustavo Tomás Dam
Ragan Elizabeth Decker
Peter Hale Dixon
Timothy George Doak
Justus Charles Doane
Dylan Patrick Elliott
Shelby Elizabeth Eriksson
Jonah Daniel Fidel
John Zachary FitzGerald
Mary Walker Forst
Jamison Higgins Gahran
Colleen Grattan Gardner
Allison Lyn Gates
Mary Catherine Gazikas
Hailey Gilbert
Danielle Kathryn Greatsinger
Max Jack Griggs
Lindsay Marie Grote
Owen Marc Guarino
Emily Adel Hayward
Mackenzie Antonia Holdmeyer
Glenn Lawrence Holmes
Sydney Diana Hougrand
Seth Andrew Hyatt
Paul Robert Ireland
Seth Blair Johnson
Sophy Mabel Cunningham Johnston
Liza Louise Jones
Clara Elizabeth Kaufmann
Anne Evans Kingston
Sydnie Mary Kleiman
Melanie Brett Klinck
Charles Christopher Koltai
Megan Leigh Korcak
Kayleigh Ann Kuchyt
Elizabeth Anne Kusmierski
Katherine Elizabeth Labonte
Timothy Edward LaChance
Ian Joseph Lemley
Marissa Lane Lewis
Allison Taylor Lindner
David Virgil Lloyd
Carla López Guambaña
Martin R. Lucero
Cora Gayle Lynde
Chloë Noelle Lyons
Ian Thomas MacGregor
Mary Elizabeth MacNeil
Ethan Z. Makuck
Zachary Mark Malcarne
Scott Andrew Manierre
Jessica Lee Marino
Marion Aubrey Martin
Danny Javier Maurath Maldonado
Stephanie McCann
Maggie McCarthy
Michael McKay
Jacob McNally
Connor J. McWade
Ian Gabriel Meadows
Emma Meeks
Carly Melillo
Zachary R. Merola
Jennifer Mesite
Max D. Miezejeski
Jessica Morris
Farishta Nahebzada
Shane Elise Naylor
Christian R. Nielsen
Georgia Mary O’Neil
Ashley Rose Paholski
James Michael Paternostro
Jenna Marie Paternostro
Christopher Franklin Patton
Molly Perkins
Graham Brooks Potter
Allyson Kimball Preble
Elizabeth Joy Proteau
Devin Ishmael Pryor
Ryan William Quick
Jessica Lynne Ramage
William Ramcke
Jonathan M. Ranfone
Eva Lauren Ribchinsky
Charles Rodriguez
Nicholas Thomas Romano
Brooks Davis Rozelle
Greta Lynn Siegel Russell
Ian Russell
Jordan Saintil
Troy G. Samuelson
Meghan Christine Saunders
Patrick D. Schaefer
Evan T. Schondorf
Natalia Sciacca
Skylar Northrop Lewis Senning
Brian Campbell Shepherd
Stephanie Philena Slack
Kyle William Smith
Steven Joseph Sopneski
William Otto Spitzschuh
Courtney Z  Stallard
Emily Sarah Steindl
Dylan Thomas Stempel
Sandra Anne Stroeter
Michael Joseph Swerling
Mitchell Trowbridge
Nathanael Robert Marshall Tyler
Nathan James Van Benschoten
Abigail Visel
Alexander JamesVollono
Robert Bach Watts III
Brittany Alexandra West
Jessica Emily Wilcox
Melissa Dale Winchell
Rachel Lyn Winham
Hannah Rose Wolfe
Brandon Peter Woodcock
Morgan Sabra Woodcock
Nathan Zirlen