August 16, 2022

Letters: I’m for Crawford

To the Editor:
Tuesday, August 14th is Primary Day in Connecticut.  I serve four of the twelve towns within the 33rd Senatorial District, Haddam, Chester, Deep River, and Essex.  Democrats in all these twelve towns will choose a State Senate candidate this month for the November election.  I’m supporting State Representative Jim Crawford.
Jim Crawford is a retired educator and business owner who in just his first House term has served with distinction on several committees, including Energy and Transportation.  He worked to make successful clean energy initiatives a reality, and he helped sustain the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry.  He helped work toward common ground on a very difficult education bill which may have otherwise disrupted the progress of our schools.
Jim Crawford is humble, and his style is to prepare and build consensus by listening and finding common interests.  He will use sound judgement with his skills and knowledge in the State Senate.  He is ready to serve.
I urge 33rd District Democrats to vote for Jim Crawford on Tuesday, August 14th at your regular town polling place.  Thank you.
Philip Miller, Ivoryton
Philip Miller represents the 36th District in the House of Representatives