May 7, 2021

Chester P & Z Continues Public Hearing on Proposed Single Lot Zone Change

CHESTER— The planning and zoning commission will resume the public hearing Thursday on a proposed residential to commercial zone change for a four-acre parcel at 90 Goose Hill Road. The public hearing that began on Sept. 6 will reconvene at 7 p.m. at the Chester Meeting House on Liberty Street.

The panel had continued the public hearing on the petition of local resident Gary Clark to change the zoning for the parcel at 90 Goose Hill Road from residential to commercial. Clark had told the commission he wants to move his landscaping business to the parcel, which receives access from a right-of-way of the west side of Middlesex Avenue, also known as Route 154. Clark wants to store equipment related to his business in a barn and trailers on the parcel. Clark told the commission he plans to construct a house on an abutting parcel at 233 Middlesex Avenue.

The proposed zone change drew opposition from Glen Reyer, who has received zoning approval for a four-lot residential subdivision on a nearby 14-acre parcel. Reyer, a co-founder of the Chester Common Ground Party, was an unsuccessful candidate for board of selectmen in last year’s town election.

Reyer contended the zone change to commercial would establish a bad precedent for other parcels on and near Route 154, leading to spot zoning and “zoning creep” in the future. Also objecting to the proposed zone change was Betty Perreault, who owns a nearby property at 50 Goose Hill Road. Perreault served as first selectwoman from 1989 to 1993.