May 7, 2021

Chester Planning & Zoning Commission Rejects Proposed Single Lot Zone Change

CHESTER— The Chester Planning and Zoning Commission has rejected a petition to change the zoning from residential to commercial for a single parcel at 90 Goose Hill Road, off the west side of Middlesex Avenue (Route 154).

The panel rejected the petition from local resident Gary Clark on a unanimous vote at its Oct. 4 meeting. The proposed zone change had been presented at a Sept. 6 public hearing that was continued to Oct. 4. The proposed zone change had drawn opposition from two nearby property owners at the public hearings.

Clark had requested the zone change for a four-acre parcel at 90 Goose Hill Road. Clark proposed to locate his landscaping business on the parcel, storing equipment in a barn and trailers. The property would receive access from a right-of-way off Middlesex Avenue.

In rejecting the proposed zone change, the commission determined the change was “inconsistent with the plan of conservation and development,” and would require access through the residential zone. The panel also determined the parcel at 90 Goose Hill Road “was not suitable for commercial development.” Commission members had walked the property during a site inspection in September.