July 5, 2022

Connecticut Environmental Coalition Honors Rep. Phil Miller For Protecting Children

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut has honored state Representative Philip J. Miller (D-36th Dist.) for his outstanding leadership and advocacy in protecting children from harmful chemicals.

Rep. Miller, who is vice chairman of the legislature’s Environment Committee, received the prestigious award at the coalition’s annual meeting Thursday, Sept. 27, in Farmington.

“Phil Miller has been a tireless champion for protecting the public’s health,” said Anne Hulick, the coalition’s clean water action coordinator.

“With the overwhelming body of scientific research linking exposure to toxic chemicals in every day products with the rising incidence of many serious diseases, particularly in children, Rep. Miller’s leadership in supporting policies that identify chemicals of concern and reduce our exposure is particularly important. The coalition is proud to honor him for this work,” Hulick said.

Rep. Miller said he was honored to receive the award. “It is a tremendous honor to be recognized by this excellent organization,” he said. “I believe strongly in eliminating toxic and harmful chemicals from products that we use on a daily basis, which are detrimental to our overall health and especially the health of our children.”

The coalition is a diverse entity of 58 member groups and thousands of concerned citizens across the state united in their goal to raise awareness of the health impacts of exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products and to press for more health protective chemical policy at the state and federal level.

Member groups include the CT Public Health Association, CT Nurses Association, CT Coalition for Environmental Justice, labor groups, school nurses, Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, Planned Parenthood, CT Council on Occupational Safety and Health, and the Inter-religious Eco-justice Network, among others.

Earlier this year, the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters awarded Rep. Miller a 100 percent rating for his support and advocacy of environmental initiatives in their 2011 Environmental Scorecard.

Rep. Miller represents Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam.