January 28, 2022

Miller Expected to Receive State Funding Grant for 36th House District Race

AREAWIDE— Democratic State Rep. Phil Miller appears likely to receive the $26,850 grant available to candidates under the state’s Citizen’s Elections Program for his Nov. 6 contest with Republican nominee Vince Pacileo in the 36th house District.

The Miller campaign’s application for the grant is on the agenda of Wednesday’s meeting of the Connecticut Elections Enforcement Commission. Based on the campaign’s Oct. 10 finance report, Miller appears to have met the program requirement of raising at least $5,000 in contributions of $100 or less from at least 150 contributors who are residents of the 36th District towns of Chester, Deep River, Essex, and Haddam.

After a late start that followed a change in campaign treasurers, Miller’s Oct. 10 report showed contributions totalling $5,410 from mid-July through October 9. Miller reported raising $684 in a delayed July 10 filing, for total donations of $6,094. The campaign reported expenditures of $2,462, leaving a balance in hand of $3,691 as of Oct. 9.

Miller, a former four-term first selectman of Essex, reported 18 $100 contributors, most from Essex but also including contributors from the other three district towns. He received $100 from Essex First Selectman Norman Needleman, who succeeded Miller in the first selectman job, and $100 from Deputy Secretary of the State James Spallone, who represented the district for a decade before Miller won the seat in a February 2011 special election. Miller received smaller donations from the Democratic first selectmen of two district towns, including $25 from Chester First Selectman Edmund Meehan and $10 from Deep River First Selectman Richard Smith.

Pacileo, a former Essex selectman, was approved for the Citizen’s Election Program grant in mid-August after reporting donations of $6,055 in his July 10 finance report. Pacileo reported no additional individual contributions in his Oct. 10 filing, showing total funding, including the state grant, of $33,014. Pacileo reported campaign expenditures of $6,183, leaving a balance in hand of $26,427 as of Oct. 9.