August 16, 2022

Letter: Vote for Schlag for an Intelligent, Caring and Creative Senator

To the Editor:

Melissa Schlag is my choice and should be your choice to be State Senator, replacing retiring Senator Eileen Daily in the 33rd District.

I retired as Assistant Director after a 34-year career in the Connecticut State Park system.  Eighteen months ago, and because of my background, I joined a group led by Melissa Schlag attempting to stop Senator Daily’s precedent setting, ill conceived and ultimately immoral legislation, designed to transfer land purchased as open space to benefit a single private corporation.

It was immediately apparent that Ms. Schlag was well respected by the eclectic group of citizen activists that formed the Stop the Swap group.  Her organizational skills were exceptional.  Ms. Schlag’s ability to establish a strong cohesive team, build consensus by working both sides of the political aisle in the legislature, bring over thirty conservation organizations together to oppose the legislation and to garner editorial support and individual support from across the nation is unprecedented.

Vote for Melissa Schlag if you want an intelligent, caring and creative Senator who is willing to work with all of the district’s citizens in order to make the river valley and shoreline towns of the 33rd District the best place to live in Connecticut.


Rob Smith
East Haddam