July 5, 2022

Rep. Phil Miller Responds to Pacileo Unemployment Statement

State Representative Phil Miller

The following is a response by State Representative Phil Miller to the recent statement issued by Mr. Vin Pacileo, Republican candidate for State Representative in the 36th House District, concerning August unemployment figures, published in ValleyNewsNow.com on September 25:

When Governor Dannel Malloy was elected just two years ago Connecticut was struggling to climb out of the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

With the Dow Jones on the ropes and the auto industry on the brink, Connecticut was facing one of its own greatest challenges – reversing two decades of net job losses. For each of the 20 previous years, our state had lost more jobs than it created.
Reversing that trend has been no small task but the foundation for growth has been carefully laid.

Digging out of the recession, creating jobs and lowering the unemployment rate continues to be a challenge, but it is one that we are overcoming because of the policies the governor has put in place with my support and the support of other Democrats.
On the national level, the stock market has doubled in just a few short years, corporate profits are at an all time high and the auto industry is back. Here in Connecticut, the First Five program alone will create or retain more than 15,000 jobs and encourage 1.3 billion in private investment in our state. And the state’s finances are in far better shape than they were two years ago.

The unemployment rate is still unacceptably high, but reversing two decades of failed leadership and negative job creation regrettably will take time and patience.

That we have these challenges is what motivates me to seek new opportunities for Connecticut and to take action to set up future commerce and industry, which will sustain our state and our fine communities.

We have closed a record deficit through cuts, concessions and raising tax revenues, mostly on those who earn the most. We have combined and reduced agencies, and our labor force is leaner. All of us have friends and neighbors in just about all walks of life who are working harder and more often, just to keep up.

When I joined the legislature, I followed Congressman Joe Courtney’s guidance and I sought and received an appointment to serve on the Human Services Committee as one of my assignments, so that I’d be able to help link state efforts with our nonprofit sector, legions of volunteers in service to others. This way, we keep our most vulnerable people from harm.

We have boldly invested in growth industries like biomedical sciences. Our UConn and Jackson Labs initiatives are moving with Yale and Wesleyan.

Just recently I was speaking with eighth graders and we were hoping that we could someday cure diseases like lupus, which affects 17,000 people right here in Connecticut. And why not do this kind of thing here, where we are worthy of such efforts?
There will always be those who are too timid to reach to position ourselves well for our future. They’d have government with little role in making opportunity happen.

(Rep. Phil Miller represents Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam)