May 7, 2021

Tri-Town Youth Services Fundraising Telethon gets Prepared

Telethon callers are ready to speak with you! L-R: Heather Eddy, Ryan Johnson, Jessica Grote, Monica Vandehei

Tri-Town Youth Services’ volunteer callers will be making calls to fellow residents of Chester, Deep River, and Essex during the evenings of November 13, 14, and 15 to seek your support for Telethon 2012.

A nonprofit agency, Tri-Town receives some state and municipal fundings, several miscellaneous grants, holds fundraising events (such as Taste of the Valley), collects program fees, and is dependent on donations to meet its annual operating budget.

Donations in response to their thirteenth annual Telethon will be deeply appreciated and used to help the agency continue to provide a wide array of services to local youth and families.  Further information, contact Tri-Town at 860-526-3600.