June 27, 2022

Bennie’s New Owners to Expand Services at Popular Farm Market in Centerbrook

Bennie's famous front awning will not change

Bennie’s famous front awning will not change

Although the popular Bennie’s Farm Market will remain, essentially, the same under its new ownership, some major changes are on the way. Located at 5 Main Street in the Centerbrook section of Essex, the new owners of Bennie’s are members of the Patel family, who were originally from India.

According to Sky Patel, the family member now in overall charge of Bennie’s, going forward Bennie’s will put an even greater emphasis on offering, top of the line, prime meats. “We do exceptionally well with our prime roast beef,” Patel noted in a recent interview.

Sky Patel, the family member in overall charge of the new Bennie's

Sky Patel, the family member in overall charge of the new Bennie’s

Also, under Sky Patel’s direction the new Bennie’s will add a new home delivery services for area residents. Patel recognizes that during the winter months some of Bennie’s patrons, particularly seniors, have difficulty coming to the market. “So we’ll go to them, “is the way he puts it.

[The number to call for Bennie’s home delivery service is 860-767-8448.]

Also, under Bennie’s new management there will be a new emphasis in offering a wide range of catering services. Patel says that Bennie’s will now offer catering services for all occasions, such as weddings, corporate events and extended family get to gathers.

In addition to the market’s new catering services, Bennie’s will offer in its sales repertoire Italian gourmet food and Pasta Vista selections.

If anything, Bennie's will have a brighter look under the Patel family

If anything, Bennie’s will have a brighter look under the Patel family

Former Owner Operated Bennie’s for 33 Years

The previous owner of Bennie’s, David Costa, operated Bennie’s Farm Market for over 33 years. The name “Bennie’s,” incidentally, comes from the first name of David’s father, who himself owned the market before his son.

David Costa then sold the market to the Patel family late, last November, and according to Sky Patel, the new owners have promised to retain all of the present senior staff at the market.

For example, Bennie’s Deli Manager Karl Kulisch, who himself has worked at Bennie’s for 13 years, will continue working behind the counter under the new management. As for the reasons for selling Bennie’s, according to Kulisch, “David wanted to retire, and he got a good offer. So he accepted it.”

Bennie's Deli Manager Karl Kukusch, a 13 year store veteran

Bennie’s Deli Manager Karl Kulisch, a 13 year store veteran

New Owners Have Wide Experience in Running Food Markets

The new owners of Bennie’s are by no means strangers to operating retail food stores in Connecticut. In addition to their recent acquisition of Benny’s Farm Market, the Patel family owns the popular Bliss Market in Wethersfield, as well as a Krauszer’s Deli in East Hartford and the Dairy Farm in Glastonbury.

Family member Avani Patel has joined the Bennie's staff

Family member Avani Patel has joined the Bennie’s staff

At the family’s “upscale” Bliss Market in Wethersfield, home delivery of food items has been a great success, according to Patel. He anticipates that such services will be a success as well at Bennie’s.

As time goes by, Patel says that he intends to give Bennie’s an evolving new look. Also, there will be an increase in Sunday hours, from the present 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., to 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Saturday hours will remain the same, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

As for its operation of Bennie’s Farm Market, so far, according to chief owner, Sky Patel, “Customers have been really nice.” Also, he personally reaffirms, “The present staff is really good, and all of the senior staff is staying.”

Summing up his experience in Essex so far, Patel says with a smile, “Essex is a really great town.”