April 2, 2020

Chester Town Meeting Approves Town Hall Second Floor Renovation Funding, Participation in Solar Energy Program

CHESTER—  Voters at a town meeting last week authorized an expenditure of up t0 $193,000 for renovations to the second floor of town hall, and town participation in the Connecticut Solar Challenge Program.  The two items, along with a five-year renewal of the town’s property tax relief for elderly and disabled homeowners ordinance, were unanimously approved by about 15 voters at the Jan. 23 town meeting.

Funding for the town hall renovation work was obtained from an insurance settlement from the collapse of the former community center building on Route 154 in February 2011. The town has hired Nasi Group LLC of Waterford for the project at a bid price of $125,475. The plans call for renovating the second floor of town hall to create a meeting room accommodating up to 65 people, along with some changes to offices on the second floor. Work on the renovations is scheduled to begin Feb. 8 for completion in May.

The Connecticut Solar Challenge Program is a non-profit program that assisting residents wishing to purchase solar photovoltaic and solar thermal heating systems for their homes. With the vote for participation in the program, the town agrees to maintain a flat $100 building permit fee for work done on solar projects within a six-month participation period. The program is expected to begin in February and run through July.