June 27, 2022

Deep River Selectmen Consider Offer of Pratt Read Reservoir

DEEP RIVER— The board of selectmen is considering an offer from the Kelsey Falls Association to donate the Pratt Read Reservoir, including a dam and surrounding land, to the town for open space and limited recreational uses.

The homeowners association made the offer in a letter presented in November to First Selectman Richard Smith. The reservoir and immediate shoreline total about 20.5 acres located along the south side of West Elm Street, with access in the vicinity of the dam that is located almost directly across from the Deep River Oil company property. The reservoir borders several residential properties on Falls Landing Road and West Elm Street that comprise the homeowners association.

Travis Board, a member of the association’s executive board, noted in the letter the reservoir is used for fishing, including ice fishing and skating in the winter months, and canoeing during warmer weather.

With a depth of only about four feet in most areas, the reservoir is not suitable for swimming. Board noted in the letter the association has concluded “the town may be in a much better position to keep up the property.”

The offer from the association received a positive response from the board of selectmen at a meeting Tuesday. Smith said town attorney Jane Marsh is reviewing the process that would be required for the town to accept ownership of the reservoir, a step that would require approval from voters at a town meeting. Smith, noting that there “doesn’t appear to be any real negatives,” in the association offer, said a final vote on accepting the property could be preceded by an informational public hearing.

In other business, the board formally accepted a sewer line extension on Lord’s Lane that was completed earlier this year. The 1,000-foot extension of the sewer line extension will serve seven residential properties. The hook-in fee for homeowners will be $2,000. Smith said further extensions of the sewer line are planned for the area.

Appointments Confirmed

Voters at a brief town meeting that followed Tuesday’s board of selectmen meeting unanimously confirmed six appointments to the planning and zoning commission and zoning board of appeals. All of the appointments are reappointments of incumbent board or commission members.

Confirmed for new three-year terms on the planning and zoning commission are Jonathan Kastner and Liegh Balducci, along with alternate member John Attridge. The new terms expire in December 2015. Kastner serves as chairman of the commission. Confirmed for new terms on the zoning board of appeals are Lenore Kuhn, Edward Judd, and Charles Rayner. The terms end in December 2015.