October 1, 2022

Chester Grand List is Flat, Will Generate No New Tax Revenue

CHESTER– Assessor Loreta Zdanys has filed an October 2012 grand list of taxable property that totals $501,408,810, representing a $148,006, or three-one hundredths of a percent, decrease from the 2011 grand list total. The small decrease means the town will begin the 2013-2014 budget process with $3,300 less in tax revenue at the current tax rate of 22.45 mills.

It was the first decrease in the grand list in recent years. Last year, the 2011 grand list total registered a 0.70 percent increase over the 2010 total. The town’s 1,817 real estate accounts had a net assessment total of $458,894,100. The town’s 437 personal property accounts had a net assessment total of $14,090,360, down from the 2011 total. The town’s 4,113 motor vehicle accounts had a net assessment total of $28,424,350.

Zdanys said the flat grand list confirms there was “hardly any new houses and very little construction,” in Chester during 2012, along with the loss of a company that had relocated from Deep River to Chester. PCI Medical, which began in the 1990s at a small business incubator building in Deep River, returned to Deep River last year to renovate and occupy a vacant industrial building off Winter Avenue.

Deep River was the only Region 4 School District town to report an increase in the grand list, with a 1.21 percent increase in 2012. The Essex Grand List was down by six one-hundredths of a percent.

The list of the town’s top ten taxpayers was unchanged from 2011. The top ten taxpayers, with their current assessment totals, are as follows 1) Chester Woods Inc. (Chester Village West) $15,476,930, 2) Whelen  Engineering Co. Inc. $8,798,870, 3) Connecticut Water Company $5,894,150, 4) The Eastern Company $4,317,610, 5) Connecticut Light & Power Company $3,932,280, 6) Whelen Aviation LLC (Chester Airport) $3,851,810, 7) Roto Frank of America Inc. $3,742,450, 8) Arthur & Judith Schaller $2,450,360, 9) Margaret & Robert Sbriglio $2,234,740, 10) Dawn Hays & Hays Properties LLC $2,163,100.

Charles StannardCharles Stannard is a lifelong resident of Essex and a graduate of Valley Regional High School and the University of Connecticut at Storrs.  Charlie worked for the Middletown Press from 1979 to 1995, covering Haddam and Killingworth and later Middletown city hall and schools.  From 1997 through 2010 Charlie was a reporter for the Hartford Courant and has covered Chester, Deep River, Essex and Killingworth for the past decade.  Charlie lives in the Ivoryton section of Essex.  Contact Charles at stannardcharles@yahoo.com