October 1, 2020

Region 4 Cuts Two Days From April Vacation Week to Make up for Snow Days

REGION 4— Region 4 schools reopened Wednesday after losing three school days to Blizzard Charlotte, forcing school officials to cut two days from the April vacation week to make up for the lost class time. The April vacation week will last for only three days, April 15-17, with school in session for Thursday April 18 and Friday April 19. Any additional snow cancellation days this winter would also be made up by taking one or more days from the remaining three April vacation days.
The district lost a week of school to Storm Sandy from October 29 to November 2.  The loss of days last fall forced district school boards to push back the June closing date. With the plan for additional make-up days in April, the last day of school is expected to remain fixed on Tuesday June 25. The Valley Regional High School graduation for seniors in the Class of 2013 will remain fixed on Thursday June 20, which was originally expected to be one of the final days of the school year.
District schools will be closed next week for the President’s Day holiday and the traditional winter break. But under a 2013-2014 school calendar approved by district school boards in December, next year, the February break will be limited to two days, the Monday President’s day holiday and the following Tuesday.