June 29, 2022

Essex to Install Cameras at Town Hall Parking Lot and Solid Waste Transfer Site

ESSEX— The town will soon install video surveillance cameras at the parking lot for town hall and at the solid waste transfer station site. First Selectman Norman Needleman, who initiated the security enhancement, said Friday there would be two cameras at the transfer station site, and one or two cameras for the town hall parking lot. The solid waste transfer station site is located on Dump Road, off Route 154, behind the town highway department garage and the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority regional transfer station.

Needleman said the cameras would cost about $3,100. He said the video equipment would operate continuously, though no one would be asked to review the video coverage “unless something happened and there was a reason to look at it.” The video images would be preserved for two weeks.

Needleman said there have been cases of vandalism and theft of scrap metals at the transfer station site, while the town’s insurance carrier has been recommending video cameras for the town hall parking lot as a protection against possible unjustified slip and fall lawsuits. The cameras will be installed and put in operation this summer.