August 18, 2022

New Chester Brochure to be Available this Fall

The Chester Brochure  is being updated and printed this summer by the Chester Merchants.

The Chester Brochure is being updated and printed this summer by the Chester Merchants.

Since 2005, the Chester Merchants have published the Chester Brochure, a guide to the storefront and home-based businesses and artisans of Chester. The 4×8-inch, full-color, 32-page brochure also includes maps, directions, municipal information, and a calendar of annual Chester events.

Fifty-thousand copies of the brochure are printed and distributed in tourist outlets throughout the state, area hotels and inns, and local shops and town hall. This summer the Merchants are compiling their third edition, which will be designed by Cummings & Good and printed and distributed in the fall.

Michele Procko, of Ceramica, says, “The Chester Brochure has attracted a great deal of attention from merchants and chambers of commerce in other towns and states. They comment on its quality of the design and useful content, noting that they’d like to produce something like it themselves.”

Procko continues, “I always have the Chester Brochure in the store and people constantly pick it up as they explore the rest of the town. It helps them find what’s just around the corner or down the road.”

Leslie Strauss, of Century 21 Heritage Company, says, “Very often newcomers to the area are in need of a quick guide for professional services like doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants. We always send the Chester Brochure out with our relocation packets.”

Sosse Baker, of Chester Gallery, adds, “I use my own copy as a Chester directory – it’s my go-to resource for information of phone numbers and hours for all the other businesses.”

Ads in the brochure cost $200 or $400, depending on size. The deadline for ad submission and payment is July 15. For more information, email or call Leslie Strauss at 860-526-1200.