June 26, 2022

Democratic First Selectman Edmund Meehan to Seek Second Term in Chester

CHESTER— Democratic First Selectman Edmund Meehan has announced plans to seek a second term in the Nov. 5 town election, with incumbent  Democratic Selectman Larry Sypher continuing as his running-mate for board of selectmen. With party nominating caucuses scheduled for July 16, Meehan may run opposed for the top job in the fall election.

Meehan said this week he has enjoyed serving in the leadership position, and hopes to pursue several municipal projects to completion over the next two years. He cited an initial phase of the Main Street reconstruction project as a priority for 2014, and pointed to the completed second floor renovations to town hall that includes a new community meeting room as one accomplishment of his first two years in office.

Meehan, 67, was elected to the top job in 2011 after the departure of three term Republican First Selectman Tom Marsh.  First elected in 2005 in an upset victory over six-term Democratic First Selectman Martin Heft , Marsh resigned in August 2011 to take a job as town manager in Windsor, Vt.

A longtime Chester resident, Meehan began his career in public service in the early 1980s as a planner with the former Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency before serving for 22 years as town planner for Newington. Meehan retired from the Newington job after winning election in Nov. 2011.

With Republican Selectman Ton Englert not running for the top job after Marsh’s departure, Meehan was challenged in the 2011 vote by Andrew Landsman, running as the candidate of the locally-based Chester Common Ground Party. Meehan won easily on a 706 -180 vote.  Englert, who was first elected to the board with Marsh in 2009, served as acting first selectman for about 12 weeks in 2011 after Marsh’s departure,

No Republicans have announced as a candidate for first selectman to challenge Meehan, leading to speculation the one-term incumbent could run unopposed in November. The Common Ground Party has not announced any candidates for the Nov. 5 election.

The Republican nominating caucus is scheduled for Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the meeting room at town hall. Englert is expected to be nominated for a third term on the board of selectmen.The Democratic nominating caucus is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the meeting room at town hall. Sypher, who was first elected to the board of selectmen in 2009, is expected to be nominated for a third term on the board.

Other positions on the Nov. 5 ballot include town clerk, tax collector, and town treasurer, all for four-year terms, two seats on the board of finance, three seats on the planning and zoning commission, and two seats on the Region 4 Board o  Education, one for a full six-year term, and one for a two-year vacancy term ending in 2015.