December 1, 2021

Aug. 27 Town Meeting to Act on Deep River Budget Over Expenditures

DEEP RIVER— An Aug. 27 town meeting will be asked to approve five over expenditures in the 2012-2013 town budget that total a combined $283,221, though nearly all of the total is expected to be covered by additional revenue, reimbursements, or unexpended funds from other accounts in the town budget. The town meeting convenes at 7 p.m. in town hall. The expenditures were approved for referral to a town meeting at an Aug. 13 joint meeting of the board of selectmen and board of finance.

The over expenditures that require approval from voters at a town meeting include $34,751 from the selectmen/town hall operations section of the budget, $64,741 for police protection, $78,265 for the highway department, $45,401 for parks and recreation, and $60,063 for general government capital expenditures.

First Selectman Richard Smith said Tuesday the selectmen/town hall operations overrun resulted from unexpected expenses for engineering services and supplies and equipment. Smith said the police overrun includes funding for the planned hiring of a new full-time police officer and over expenditures for special police services such as traffic control. He said the parks and recreation overrun developed from additional repairs and upgrades to structures at Devitt’s Field and Plattwood Park. Smith said the $60,063 for capital expenditures includes $49,543 that was expended as part of the now completed town hall renovation project.

Smith said the $78,265 over run for the highway department was largely the result of expenses related to Storm Sandy last October and snow removal from the Feb. 8 blizzard. “Our budgets are very lean and the two big storms really hurt us,” he said.

Smith said nearly all of the over expenditures would be offset and covered by additional revenue, reimbursements, and unexpended funds from other budget accounts. But Smith acknowledged as much as $65,000 of the total may not be covered, depending on the outcome of final state reimbursements for the now completed Village Street bridge reconstruction project. “I’m pretty sure it will be close to a wash and the $65,000 would be a worst case scenario,” he said. Any final 2012-2013 budget overrun that is not covered by additional funding would require an appropriation from the town’s undesignated fund balance.