December 1, 2021

Region 4 School Boards Approve New Four-Year Contract for Cafeteria Workers

REGION 4— District school boards have approved a new four-year contract for 17 full-time cafeteria workers at the five district schools. The agreement with the worker’s bargaining unit, Council 4 Local 1303-091, was approved by the four district school boards at an Aug. 22 joint meeting.

The contract that runs through June 30, 2017 provides step pay increases, but no across-the-board wage hike, for the current year 2013-2014. There will be two percent pay raises, but no step increases, in the second and third years, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. There would be a 2.215 percent wage increase, but no step increases, in the final year of the agreement, 2016-2017. The cafeteria workers have a much simpler step pay plan than district professionals such as teachers and para-educators, with three steps that are based on years of service.

The contract also includes a change in the pension plan for newly hired employees. The existing defined benefits pension plan would continue for all current members of the bargaining unit, but employees hired after July 1,2013 would have a different pension plan that requires a matching contribution from the employee. For health insurance coverage, the co-pay requirement for employees would increase from the previous 15 percent to a 17 percent share of premium costs beginning in the current school year.