May 24, 2022

Deep River Considers New Ordinance Allowing Fees for Late Paid Motor Vehicle Taxes

DEEP RIVER— The board of selectmen has decided to present a proposed new ordinance for town meeting approval that would allow the town to impose a fee for delinquent motor vehicle taxes. The ordinance, endorsed by the selectmen last week, will be presented to voters for approval at the next town meeting.

First Selectmen Richard Smith said the ordinance was recommended by Tax Collector Lisa Bibbiani as a way to recover some of fees the town is now charged by the state Department of Motor Vehicles for administering the statewide motor vehicle registration monitoring program. The program enables the DMV to block renewals of required motor vehicle registrations for vehicles with unpaid property tax due to cities and towns. Bibbiani advised the amount the town is paying for this service has increased, totaling $1,112 in the 2012-2013 fiscal year.

The ordinance, which has been enacted in many other Connecticut towns, would allow the town to charge an additional fee of $2 for each delinquent motor vehicle tax payment, and 50 cents per page for any printing expenses incurred. The fee would be levied when the delinquent motor tax is paid by the vehicle owner.