May 24, 2022

Deep River Selectmen to Pursue Sale of Industrial Building, Purchase of Industrial Land

DEEP RIVER— The board of selectmen agreed Tuesday to investigate the possible sale of a town-owned industrial building at the Plattwood Industrial Area, with the proceeds to be used to acquire land for development in the same industrial area.

First Selectman Richard Smith said the deal, still in its early stages, would involve the sale of a town owned industrial building on Industrial Park Road that was constructed with the help of state grant funds about six years ago. The 9,000-square-foot building is currently occupied by four businesses. Smith said the proceeds from the sale would then be used to purchase four acres of industrial land located near the end of Industrial Park Road from local businessman Gary Mislick.

Smith said the parcel could then become the site for two or three new industrial buildings, helping to create jobs and boost the town’s industrial tax base. “We would control the site and there is no doubt in my mind we could have new industrial buildings back there,” he said.

Smith said the town would hire an appraiser to establish a value for both the town-owned building, which is now occupied by four businesses, and Mislick’s four-acre parcel. Smith said the board of selectmen would use the appraisals to negotiate a sale of the building, and a purchase of the Mislick parcel. He said the proceeds from sale of the building would be used to buy the additional industrial land at no direct cost to town taxpayers. He said state rules would allow the town to sell the building if the proceeds from the sale were used for additional job-creating industrial development.

The other two selectmen, Democrat Angus Mcdonald Jr. and Republican David Oliveria, expressed support for the plan presented by Smith. “It’s worth continuing to explore,” McDonald said. Both the sale of the building and any purchase of additional industrial land would also require approval from the board of finance and voters at a town meeting.

In other business, the selectmen agreed to pursue the sale of a one-acre parcel at 73 Kirtland St. that was acquired by the town in lieu of unpaid back taxes. The parcel, which has steep terrain and ledge, would not support an on-site septic system. But the parcel has access to a public water line, and after completion of a sewer expansion that was approved by a town meeting last May, could support a small single-family residence. The selectmen set the minimum bid for the parcel at $14,000, which is the current assessed value of the property.