August 17, 2022

Rep. Phil Miller Earns 2013 CTLCV Legislative Champions Award

State Representative Phil Miller

State Representative Phil Miller

CT’s leading environmental watchdog organization releases 2013 Environmental Scorecard – awards State Representative Philip Miller (D – Chester, Deep River, Essex and Haddam) with the 2013 CTLCV Champions Award for his work on environmental issues in Connecticut.

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters released their 2013 Environmental Scorecard for the Connecticut State Legislature. The 14th annual release of such scores was bolstered by the 20 or so environmental bills that passed through the Connecticut General Assembly this year, providing an expanded base for scoring.

According to the League, “by sharing how each member of the Legislature voted on 20 of the most critical conservation bills this year, CTLCV helps Connecticut voters better understand where their legislators stand when it comes to protecting the environment. The sheer number of bills that were voted on this year reflects how deeply environmental issues are ingrained in every aspect of Connecticut’s well-being, from public health and safety to the economy and growing jobs.”

“I’m honored to be so recognized,” stated Rep. Miller. “We have a great natural bounty in our Connecticut, air and water quality worth advocating for. We are improving our oversight to help assure a better future for all of us.”

“Rep. Phil Miller did painstaking, behind the scenes work to put to final rest one of the most environmentally controversial issues in recent years, the Haddam land swap,” says Susan Merrow, CTLCV Board of Directors. “He did it without fanfare… just with a principled devotion to what was right. Anyone who cares about public opens space should be very grateful.”

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters works to pass pro-environment laws, elect pro-environment candidates, and hold all of our elected officials accountable. CTLCV Scorecards dating back to 2000 can be found online at