July 6, 2022

Essex Selectmen Public Hearing on New Solid Waster Transfer Station

ESSEX— The board of selectmen will hold a public hearing Wednesday on new fees for use of the town solid waste transfer station that are scheduled to become effective in January. The hearing begins at 6:30 p.m. at town hall.

The new and higher fees were unanimously approved by the board in August based on a study and recommendations from the town’s appointed sanitary waste commission. Along with recovering some of the annual expense for solid waste disposal from residents carrying their own trash to the transfer station, the new fee system is also intended to eliminate cash transactions from the transfer site.

Residents currently pay $3 per bag to being household trash to the site. This would be replaced by an annual fee of $125 for a transfer site sticker, with a reduced annual charge of $75 for senior citizens. There would also be higher disposal fees for disposal of tires, stuffed furniture, mattresses brush and demolition materials. There would be no charge for disposal of recyclables, including glass bottles, cans, cardboard, and newspapers.

The new annual sticker fee and higher disposal fees are scheduled to become effective in January, though the board could consider revising some of the fees based on input received at the public hearing.