July 6, 2022

Essex Zoning Commission Sets Date for Public Hearing on Medical Maijuana Moritorium, Village District Uses

ESSEX— The zoning commission will hold a public hearing Monday on a proposed one year moratorium on medical marijuana-related applications on proposed prohibitions on various commercial uses in the downtown village district. The hearing convenes at 7 p.m. in town hall.

The amendments to town zoning regulations are proposed by the commission. One proposed amendment would impose a one year moratorium on applications for uses developing from the new state law allowing prescription of medical marijuana for certain health conditions. The moratorium would apply to both growing businesses and dispensaries for medical marijuana.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Joseph Budrow said the panel is hoping to take a year to monitor how potential zoning uses related to medical marijuana are handled in other municipalities. “The commission wants to get more of a grasp on the new laws and determine whether those uses are appropriate for Essex,” he said.

A separate public hearing will focus on the commissions proposal to prohibit certain commercial uses in the downtown Essex village district. The proposed new regulation would allow arts and crafts-related uses in the district, while prohibiting check cashing establishments, tattoo and massage parlors, adult-themed stores, and head shops. Budrow said none of the proposed changes were prompted by any potential local applications for the uses, including medical marijuana uses.