July 6, 2022

River Valley Slimdown is Losing For Good

Deep River, CT – Donna Scott’s River Valley Slimdown returns to tackle New Year’s Resolutions for the body and spirit! While participants will compete to lose the most weight over 12 weeks, they will also be raising funds for charity. Those who take the challenge will be dropping the holiday pounds for the good of their health, and of their community.

The next River Valley Slimdown will begin on January 11, and will run for 12 weeks, ending on April 5.  Over the past six challenges, Donna Scott and her team at IFoundFitness in Deep River, CT, have helped over 120 participants shed over 860 pounds! They’ve also raised over $1,100 for multiple organizations, including Shoreline Soup Kitchens, and Tri-Town Youth Services, to name just a few.  The Winter 2014 River Valley Slimdown will donate 20% of the challenge jackpot to the charity decided upon by the participants.

The jackpot itself is even determined by those who take the weight loss plunge. Participants agree to pony up $65 to participate in the challenge, which includes a weekly weigh in. Any weight gain results in a penalty fee. All penalties, and the original registration fees go towards the final jackpot. That jackpot is then divided between the contest winners, and the charity of choice.

“People love that extra motivation!” says Donna. “While, of course, we tend to over-indulge during the holidays, it’s also a time to give back to others. My clients are amazing. Their dedication to their health is only matched by the dedication they have to helping these charities!”

The Fall 2013 River Valley Slimdown resulted in a jackpot of over $2300. Both the first and second place winners dropped over ten pounds each. For the upcoming challenge, Donna will again be working with Penny Smyth, CHHC, AADP Certified Health Coach, to provide nutritional and weight management seminars to the challenge-takers throughout the challenge.  RVSD will also be offering a Brand New On-Line Meal Planning Program where participants can choose from over 450 menu choices, including vegan and gluten free diets!!  Need one more reason to get involved? Sign up before January 1st to receive a free pass card to five fitness classes at IFoundFitness (new members only).

Registration is currently open for the Winter 2014 River Valley Slimdown. Email Donna at donna@ifoundfitness.com for complete rules and registration forms.

For more information on the River Valley Slimdown, please visit: www. ifoundfitness.com/rv-slim-down/

To contact Donna Scott of IFoundFitness:  (860) 961-4507