May 20, 2022

Essex Democrats and Republicans Select Town Committees for 2014-2016

ESSEX— Town Democrats and Republicans selected town committees for the 2014-2016 term at party caucuses and nominating sessions held over the past week. The new two-year term for town committee members begins in March.

Democrats, who have held the elected majority on the three-member board of selectmen since 2003, selected a 27 member town committee, leaving three seats open on a total authorized membership of 30. Members were asked to confirm their interest and intent to serve before Tuesday’s endorsement session, with three current members stepping down from the committee, including Matthew Cooper, Earl Fowler, and Lee Rowley, who served as town chairman in the early 2000s.

The 27 member committee is comprised entirely of incumbents, including Cathy Bishop, Mark Bombaci, Brian Cournoyer, William Doane, former First Selectman Carl Ellison, Lois Ely, and Geraldine Ficarra,. Also newly elected Town Treasurer James Francis, Frank Hall, Tax Collector Megan Haskins, Campbell Hudson, Jonathan James, Louisa Ketron, Loretta McClusky, and State Rep. Phil Miller. Also First Selectman Norman Needleman, Mary Ann Pleva, Selectwoman Stacia Libby, Lon Seidman, Stanley Sheppard, Lawrence Shipman, Deputy Secretary of the State James Spallone, John Stannard, Claire Tiernan, Kathleen Tucker, committee Chairman Fred Vollono, and Alvin Wolfgram.

Republicans selected a 26-member town committee at a party caucus last week. Three members stepped down from the panel, including Lynn Faulstick, Leigh Rankion, and Elizabeth Schellens. Committee member and former Republican State Central Committee member Neil Nichols died last July. The committee includes five new or returning members, including Selectman Bruce Glowac, who served as first selectman from 1991-1995 and was elected to the board again last year, Robert Fisher, Peter Decker, James Palagonia, and Melanie Phoenix. Decker and Palegonia were the party’s unsuccessful candidates for board of finance in the only contested races of last year’s town election.

Incumbents returning to the GOP panel are John Ackerman, Susie Beckman, Herb Clark, committee Chairman Edward Cook, Alexander Daddona, Ann Dixon, D.G. Fitton, Adrienne Forrest, John Heiser, James Hill, Donna Hyde, Jerri Macmillian, 2011 first selectman nominee Bruce Macmillian, newly installed Town Clerk Joel Marzi, Barbara Ryan, David Sousa, Terry Stewart, Alice Van Deursen, Gary Van Deursen, and June Wilson.