July 1, 2022

Deep River Grand List Up 0.47 Percent for 2013

DEEP RIVER— Assessor Robin O’Loughlin has filed an October 2013 grand list of taxable property that totals $490,407,091, an increase of $2,307,140, or 0.47 percent, from the current grand list total.

The list shows small increases for real estate and motor vehicles, and a small decrease in personal property assessments. The town’s 2,182 real estate accounts show an assessment total of $440,646,940, an increase of $2,480,110 from the current real estate total. The town’s 4,874 motor vehicle accounts show an assessment total of $33,015,550, an increase of $839,280 from the current motor vehicles total.

The town’s 441 personal property accounts show an assessment total of $15,905,321, representing a decrease of $1,012,250 from the current personal property total. O’Loughlin said much of the decrease is a result of manufacturing equipment becoming eligible for expanded statewide tax exemptions.

First Selectman Richard Smith said the small increase, which will generate about $60,000 in new tax revenue at the current tax rate of 25.08 mills, is better than a loss. “It’s not as much as I would like, but it’s still going up,” he said. The grand list was up by 1.21 percent in 2012.

The town’s top ten taxpayers was unchanged from recent years. The top ten taxpayers, with the current assessments, are Connecticut Light and Power Co.-$5,279,976, BDRM Inc.-$4,171,936, Mislick Family Limited Partners-$3,175,245, Silgan Plastics Corp.-$2,968,020, Deep River Associates LLC-$2,605,680, Thomas Boyd & K. Dernocoeur-$2,430,610, 180 Main Street Partners LLC-$2,277,450, Goodspeed Leasing Co LLC-$2,145,010, Jerome and Marlene Scharr-$1,923,180, and Virginia B. Linburg-$1,881,950. The Linburg, Scharr and Boyd-Dernocoeur properties are high value residential properties located on or near the Connecticut Rver.