May 20, 2022

Region 4 School Board Approves $18 Million Education Budget for 2014-2015, Returns $221,242 Surplus to District Towns

REGION 4— The Region 4 Board of Education has approved a proposed $18,377,431 education budget for 2014-2015 that represents a $601,310, or 3.38 percent, spending increase over the current appropriation. The budget plan will be presented to residents of Chester, Deep River, and Essex at an April 7 public hearing.

The budget that funds the operations of Valley Regional High School and John Winthrop Middle School was approved on a 7-1 vote at a Feb. 26 meeting after budget review workshop sessions that were held on Jan.. 28 and Feb. 4. Board member Mairio Gioco of Chester cast the single dissenting vote, with Deep River member Lori Wichtowski absent from the Feb. 26 session.

The gross budget is reduced by $297,447 in anticipated revenue to a net education budget of $18,079,984 that will be assessed the taxpayers of Chester, Deep River, and Essex based on each town’s average daily member ship of students at the two secondary schools. The net budget represents a $579,395, or 3.31 percent, increase over the current net appropriation.

Chester, with 240 students, will pay a 24,14 percent, or $4,364,508, share of the budget. The Chester assessment is up by $106,615 from the current town share. Essex, with 446 students, will pay a 44.87 percent, or $8,112,489, share of the budget. The Essex assessment is up by only $30,717 from the current town share. The Essex share is down from the current year, when an Essex ADM of 465 students led to a sharp increase in the town’s share of the Region 4 budget.

But this year it is Deep River that faces a sharp hike in its share of the Region 4 budget. With an average daily membership of 308 students, Deep River will pay a 30.99 percent, or $5,602,924, share of the budget. The Deep River assessment is up by $442,063 from the current amount.

The spending plan includes no new certified positions, with reductions of a half-time art teacher, a reduction in hours for a Latin instructor position, and reducing two secretarial positions at the high school from full year to 10-month positions. The budget plan contains only $43,300 in new spending items, with most of this amount directed toward the purchase of new security cameras at the two schools and gates that could be used to limit access to the school properties at various times.

Board Chairman Chris Riley of Essex said the proposed spending plan is a responsible budget considers the needs of both students and district taxpayers. “It’s always a balancing act to meet the needs of students while using the resources provided by the communities appropriately, and this budget does just that,” he said.

The regional school board may have sweetened it’s spending request Thursday then the panel voted to return a $221,242 surplus from the 2012-2013 budget to the towns. The refund is divided based on the ADM split of the budget, with Essex receiving $98,696, with a return of $62,523 to Deep River, and $60,023 to Chester.

The Region 4 budget also includes a share of a $6,591,307 supervision district budget that is up by 3.14 percent from the current supervision district appropriation. Under Region 4’s complex governing rules, the supervision district budget covers personnel and services that are shared by all five district schools, including the elementary schools in each town. The supervision district budget, which was approved by the combined Region 4 and local school boards at a Feb. 27 meeting, is divided between the Region 4 and elementary school budgets based on the student average daily membership split.

The supervision district budget contains one new position, $68,361 for an instructional technology trainer who would provide assistance and support to teachers at all five district schools in integrating instructional technology in to the classroom curriculum.