June 26, 2022

Foley Carries Area Towns in Republican Gubernatorial Primary Win

AREAWIDE— Party-endorsed candidate Tom Foley of Greenwich carried Chester, Deep River, and Essex Tuesday on his way to a statewide Republican gubernatorial primary win over his challenger, State Sen. John McKinney of Fairfield. As was the case statewide, voter turnout was extremely low in the three area towns. The vote in Chester was Foley-41, McKinney-36. In Deep River, Foley 64, McKinney-53, and in Essex Foley 216, McKinney-121.

But tri-town Republicans showed a preference for challengers in the close three-way contest for the GOP Lt. Governor nomination, with Groton Councilwoman Heather Bond Somers carrying the towns over the convention-endorsed candidate, State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi of Stafford and David Walker of Bridgeport, who was running as a team with McKinney.

In Chester, Walker led with a vote of Walker- 34, Bacchiochi-26, and Somers-17. In Deep River, Somers led, with a vote of Somers-59, Bacchiochi-32, and Walker-24. Somers also carried Essex, with a vote of Somers-145, Bacchiochi-98, and Walker-88.
Party-endorsed candidate Sharon McClaughlin carried all three towns in her statewide win over challenger Angel Cadena for the Republican nomination for state comptroller. In Chester, the vote was McClaughlin-53, Cadena-18, in Deep River, McClaughlin-75, Cadena-28, and in Essex McClaughlin 237, Cadena-65.

Voter turnout was extremely low, particularly in Chester, where only 77 of 458 registered Republicans turned out Tuesday. In Deep River, the turnout was 117 of 600 registered Republicans. In Essex, turnout was 337 of 1,317 registered Republicans.