May 6, 2021

Essex Library Hosts Art Exhibit by Alan James During July

'Main Street Essex' by Alan James

‘Main Street Essex’ by Alan James

An art exhibit will be held at the Essex Library Association through the month of July featuring guest artist, Alan James.

Deep River resident Alan James was born and raised in New Haven, CT. His passion for art began as a child and was reawakened after a successful career as a musician. His professional affiliations include the New England Watercolor Society, the Lyme Art Association and the Mystic Art Center.

He says: “I always strive to capture the essence of the scene so as to allow the viewer’s eye to finish the painting by utilizing simple and strategically placed brushstrokes. I do, at all cost, try to avoid a photorealistic approach and superficial details so that the eye may be directed toward the focal point without distraction in hopes to achieve a more pleasant and less static composition.

Keyboard Pond II by Alan James.

Keyboard Pond II by Alan James.

What attracts me to watercolor is the translucency which allows the white of the paper to shine through and, of course, the free flow of the water doing its own magic thing.

The combination of painting en plein air and the unforgiving nature of the medium, allows me to work in rapid fashion so as to capture the essence of the scene and exploit a loose approach for maximum impact.”