September 25, 2022

Old Saybrook Holds Light Bulb Swap

On Sunday, September 13, the Old Saybrook Conservation Commission, as part of its Nature of Old Saybrook event, hosted a light bulb swap for residents.

Old Saybrook residents were able to exchange old incandescent and CFL bulbs for five free LED light bulbs. In addition to the light bulb swap, energy experts from Eversource and members of the Old Saybrook Conservation Commission were on-hand to answer questions and provide information about further actions residents can take to save money by making their homes more energy efficient. Additional LED energy saving products such as holiday lights, night lights and specialty bulbs also were available for purchase at a discounted rate.

The light bulb swap was phenomenally successful. Residents were provided with approximately 2,000 free LED bulbs. This is equivalent to $20,000 in annual energy savings for participating residents of Old Saybrook, with a lifetime savings of approximately $660,000. A single LED bulb has a life expectancy of 23 years and can save homeowners as much as $10 per year versus a traditional incandescent bulb, which has about a 2-2.5 year lifespan.

The Town of Old Saybrook used part of a $5,000 Bright Idea Grant for the exchange, earned through their participation in Energize Connecticut’s Clean Energy Communities (CEC) program. In 2013, the town signed the CEC pledge, committing to make efforts to reduce municipal building energy consumption by 20 percent, to attain 20 percent of municipal electricity needs from renewable sources, and to take other actions to support the deployment of clean energy by 2018.

Residents and businesses looking to save energy and money should visit or call 877.WISE.USE (877-947-3873).