August 21, 2019

Pink Flamingo Fundraiser to Support Valley Regional Musical Productions


Join the Friends of Valley Regional Musical Productions (VRMP) as they kick off their first “Flock a Friend” fundraiser in October when, for a donation, flocks of plastic pink flamingos will roost throughout Chester, Deep River and Essex. If they show up in your front yard, it means someone has sent them to you by donating to Valley Regional High School’s (VRHS) drama program.

For a donation of $10 for a mini flock of 10, $25 for a full flock of 24 and $45 for a double flock of 48, you can direct flamingos to roost on a friend’s lawn for 24-48 hours. To ensure that VRMP won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers, you may purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance for $100 to prevent flamingos from roosting on your lawn.

Get your order form now on Facebook at: or by e-mail at:

“VRMP is committed to providing Valley Regional High School students with opportunities to grow through working as a team to produce award-winning musicals,” says Ingrid Walsh, director, VRMP.  “Over the last several years, VRMP has won acclaim among Connecticut high schools for their productions.  We strive to be inclusive of all who wish to participate, and with the increasing participation, so increases the costs of production,” continues Walsh.

In VRMP’s 2015 production of “Band Geeks,” there was a total of 122 VRHS students, including 80 cast, 34 crew and 8 orchestra pit members for four performances.  The Friends of VRMP hope to offset costs while keeping ticket prices low and participation high by flocking lawns like yours as they prepare for their 2016 production, “The Addams Family.”

To learn more about VRMP, please visit the school’s website at or call the school at 860.526.5328.