October 29, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Many Reasons to Support Bob Siegrist’s Candidacy

To the Editor:

I was thrilled to hear Bob Siegrist will be running again in 2016 as the Republican House Candidate for the 36th district! I have personally know Bob for over 10 years and in that time he has been nothing but a hard-working, upstanding, and motivated individual who cares deeply for politics, people and making a positive change. He is easy to talk to and a good listener who makes you feel heard.

From the time I met Bob, he was talking about how he wanted to be involved with Republican politics… Two years ago he seriously began that journey by running for the 36th State House. He has practical, realistic views and ideas and is truly for the people of Haddam, Chester, Deep River and Essex. He wants to make sure their voices are heard. Let’s congratulate Bob on another race and wish him the best this coming year!


Sarah Mathis,
Haddam Neck.