July 6, 2022

Republican Candidate Siegrist Challenges Incumbent Miller’s Priorities

To the Editor:

With only days left in the legislative session and a budget that is in complete disarray, Rep. Miller (D-36) chose to debate pesticides rather than address the unprecedented budget issues that the state is facing.

I feel that he (Miller) has really missed an opportunity.  We are facing budget decisions that will impact our state for decades. Rather than answer hard questions and take on the tough issues, he is taking valuable floor time to debate an issue that, although important in its own right, cannot hold a candle to the budget crisis we are facing.

This is a question of priorities and representing the constituents of the district.  Mr. Miller says that he is hearing concerns from his constituents on this issue.  Maybe he needs to listen a little harder.


Bob Siegrist,

Editor’s Note: The author is the nominated Republican Candidate for 36th House District.