June 27, 2022

It’s “Plane” and Simple: Deep River HS Hosts Talk on Winthrop’s Early Manufacturing, Sept. 14

Thomas Elliott will give a talk on

Thomas Elliott will give a talk on “The Planes of Winthrop” at the Deep River Historical Society, Sept. 14.

DEEP RIVER: Thomas Elliott, well-respected local architect from Westbrook, will be presenting an interesting program and exhibition on the wood making “Planes of Winthrop -The Men and Their Stories.” This event will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 7 p.m. in the Carriage House on the grounds of the Deep River Historical Society at 145 Main Street, Deep River. The event is free and sponsored by the Deep River Historical Society Museum.

Thomas’s exhibit will stay up through Sunday, September 17 from 10-2 as part of the Deep River’s town wide Family Day. Tom was born in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois. He has a fascinating family history in the local area with generations of ancestors that trace back to the 1700’s. Tom’s Half House Farm in Westbrook was originally built in 1735 and has gone through many restorations.

The manufacturing of wood planes was a huge part of establishing Winthrop along with its other factories and small village center that is located in the Northwest section of Deep River.

Also, as a continuation of this talk and the Deep River Family Day events there will be walking tours offered at the historic Winthrop Cemetery on Saturday, Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. These tours, with maps, will provide stories of the men of Sayville, now Winthrop, who built the woodworking planes used to shape precision moldings for early homes and furniture.  Maps will be distributed and gravesites flagged with biographical sketches of these businesses, along with genealogical information of the Denison men: William, John, Lester and Gilbert W. and the families of the Bulkleys and Gladwins.

The Winthrop Cemetery is located on Rte. 80 just a short distance from the light intersection in Winthrop.

Wade’s Country Store (497 Winthrop Road, known as Rte. 80) is located on one of the actual mills sites and will offer daily specials named after these early Winthrop businessmen and founders of this small settlement.

For questions, contact:  Rhonda Forristall, Curator at (860) 526-5086, Kathy Schultz at (860) 526-2161 or Sue Wisner at (860)-526-9103.