October 1, 2022

‘Stop Ageism Now!’ Forum Scheduled at Essex Library Tonight at 5:30pm

ESSEX — St. Luke’s Community Services, a non-profit in Middletown, is co-hosting a ‘Stop Ageism Now! forum’ at Essex Library this evening, Tuesday, Feb. 28, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

This open community conversation will look at ageism in terms of:

  • Prejudicial attitudes toward older people old age and/or the aging process;
  • Discriminatory practices against older people;
  • Institutional practices and policies that perpetuate stereotypes about aging.

Ageism is an often overlooked barrier that exists across most communities in the U.S. Ageism puts unfair limitations on older adults’ abilities to live to their fullest potential and devalues them as individuals (Source: www.stopageismnow.org).

As part of the Middlesex County Gatekeeper Program mission to advocate for successful aging and independence, St. Luke’s is committed to building awareness, breaking down stereotypes and challenging attitudes to Stop Ageism Now.

In the upcoming months, the organization will campaign to Stop Ageism Now as well as in the coming years work to create a culture in Middlesex County whereby the life experiences and achievements of older individuals are celebrated. Their ultimate goal is to bring back the belief that aging is a natural part of life and not a problem to be solved.